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Mar 17, 2013 2:30pm PDT
for temporary staff. they're planning to raise taxes on top-tier earners. or member the victims of the earthquake and tsunami two years ago -- remembered the victims of the earthquake and tsunami two years ago. earth6 exactly, the shook. 19,000 people died. >> my mother is still missing. it's been two years now, but it feels as if it just happened. man and his wife pledge tributes to those who lost their lives. he said japan would never forget. >> i think the only way to help the victims rest in peace is by accelerating reconstruction and by supporting the survivors. >> more than 300,000 people are still living in temporary accommodation. reconstruction work has been stalling. the fukushima nuclear disaster has contaminated huge swathes of .and on monday, the main suspect in the rape and murder of a young woman in a daily bus last december was found dead in his cell. -- delhi bus last december was found dead in his cell. officials say he hung himself with his own clothes. his family claims he was murdered. roman catholic cardinals began the process of electing a new pope. one of th
Mar 16, 2013 2:30pm PDT
european country to receive a bailout. negotiations dragged on for 10 hours. levied forbe a tax all deposits in cyprus banks. their russian the but the bailout deal in place before the banks reopen on tuesday. -- they are rushing to put the bailout in place. >> following news of the bailout news, lines formed at the atm try to avoid the levy. this affects everyone with a bank account. those with deposits on the island have to pay the levy between 6.75%-9.9%. program, wepecific found it justified in terms of burden sharing to also involved the depositors. in a levy difference but under $100,000. >> germany have long delayed it endorsing the bailout. now, chancellor angela merkel says she has decided. way, the people responsible for this situation are involved, not just taxpayers in other countries. i think it's good we have taken this step. it's a good step that made our approval for the aid of cyprus much easier. >> the cost of the aid package is now much lower than previously expected, only 10 billion euro. lawmakers in each eurozone country have to give a final stamp of approval.
Mar 20, 2013 2:00pm PDT
that money was now available for grand enterprises. the monks' taxes paid for buildings rather than for weapons. these abbeys were meant to serve not only as religious communities, but also as hospices for the emperor. saint florian's abbey, begun in 1689, is the work of an italian and an austrian-- carlo carlone and jakob prandtauer. in true baroque fashion, the new abbey was a stage upon which royal ritual could be played out by the visiting emperor. paradoxically, the stage usually lacked its leading actor, for the emperor himself rarely visited any of the abbeys. but it didn't matter. the object was not imperial housing. it was to make a political point, to bear witness to the unity of christianity and empire. here we're dealing not with the glorification of an individual emperor, but with the need to assert the divine right to rule of an institution, the hapsburg empire. newly victorious over the turks, the austrians believed themselves to be the saviors of christian europe. they proclaimed their triumph in their art and in their architecture. the karlskirche, or charles church
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3